What is MindFeed Art?

MindFeed Art is a small pocket of the digital world dedicated to the art and talents of Artist Alex Reiter. Here, Reiter showcases his creations and sells high-quality clothing and accessories featuring his work.

“My pieces are all drawn by hand (tediously) and are extremely time consuming. Some take months, and each one drives me just that much more insane!”

This work has been a popular staple at Comic-con, art festivals and shows all over the country. Now the work of Reiter is more accessible than ever and only a few clicks away.

The Work of Alex Reiter

Alex is an artist who has been honing his talents since the age of 5. Right out of college Reiter helped to co-illustrate the New York Times Best Seller, “A Treasure’s Trove,”  Alex would then exhibit his surreal pencil drawings at events such as NY Jumbo and the Santa Monica Art Fest (including a one-man show at the Box Office and Gallery Las Vegas). Some of his work would be featured in  the International Tattoo Art Magazine and his unique hand-painted drawings grace the Rio Hotel and Casino, and the VooDoo Lounge in Las Vegas.

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